Benefits of a rowing machine for a runner

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Benefits of a rowing machine for a runner

Posted OnMay 13, 2018 0

A rowing machine is a fantastic fitness tool that every health enthusiastic, who wants to be fit and improve the stamina should buy. There are several benefits of rowing machine including whole body fitness, strengthening of muscles and improving cardiovascular fitness. Just like working out with any other exercise equipment, the rowing machine technique involves some skill, and learning how to row will take some time to master. If you’re new to indoor rowing, the rowing motion may seem unnatural and difficult to learn, and you’ll probably make mistakes as you row. It’s important to learn how to use a rowing machine properly, because you’ll experience immediate benefits from the exercise.

Benefits of rowing machine

The majority of rowing machines provide you the most efficient and economical means of getting a full body workout including cardiovascular workout also. There are different types of rowing machines, some are inexpensive while others are expensive but comes with load of features. If you a runner, you can buy a good rowing machine in affordable price. One of the most popular and efficient one available is the air rowing machine. The air rowing machines offers you the best simulation of a lake rowing. The quantum of benefit you receive from these machines depends on the resistance setting of the machine and the amount of effort put into each stroke while going through the workout. While using the hydraulic machines the major problem you face is that, they lack a smooth range of motion like the air rowing machines offer. The hydraulic machines do have their own set of advantages, but they are often extremely heavy to operate and at the same time they are not able to provide you the smooth stroke motion simulation that air machines are popular for.

rowing machine UKOnly due to their smooth stroke action the air rowing machines are considered superior. The air rowing machines are capable of producing every single stroke that has the same amount of resistance because the water always provides the same amount of resistance throughout and water maintains a constant pressure to push against. Air rowing machines benefit from the exactly same principle as water. The air is forced through an oblong chamber this allows the force of the resistance for each stroke to remain consistent. Every single stroke will be smooth throughout the entire range of motion in the air rowing machine and there is no chance that some of the strokes will have more or less resistance when compared to other strokes. This property of the air rowing machines allows the user to get a consistent work out every time. The design of the air rowing machine also insures that these machines take up very little space and they can be stored easily in most of the closets.

One of the drawbacks of the air rowing machine is that air is considerably noisier when compared with either the hydraulic type or the water pressure type. While you workout using your air rowing machine it creates a noticeable whooshing sound that may be quite irritable if you are not use to it and that sound increases as you pick up the pace in your strokes. The air rowing machine creates breeze around the air chamber and sometime it is considered as a negative point of these machines but actually this is a plus point, as the user tend to get sweaty while working on the machine the breeze of air helps them to cool off. But, during the cold winter months such breeze created by the air rowing machines could be unwanted property. Air rowing machines are considered vastly superior to either the hydraulic or water-based types due to the smoothness of the actions and a uniform level of resistance in between the strokes. Moreover the air rowing machines are extremely economical and provide a smoother, more consistent work out than other types of rowing machines available in the market.

Buying a rowing machine in UK

Most of the top quality rowing machines are priced very high and that makes these quality exercise equipments out of reach from the general masses. The best alternative available for you to buy a discount rowing machine, the discount rowing machines can be purchased at a much lower price range as compared to the new versions because they have been returned to the company with minimal use, and cannot be re-sold as new.

Many people feel that discount rowing machine have to be bad or inferior quality because these products are lower in price. But, they try to overlook the fact that the original marked price of the machine was what it was valued at, and the quality has not diminished simply because the price has been lowered, the lowering of the price of the machine is due to the fact that nobody gives high price or the price of the new product for a slightly new or reconditioned machine. Since the reconditioning is done by the experts and at the manufacturers end only, therefore you are always assured of the same quality of the product as the new one although the pricing is quite low as these are branded as discount machines.

If you are serious about purchasing the discount rowing machine then you may begin looking around seriously, you will find there is a wide range of stores from which you can obtain a rowing machine at bargain with great savings. The fact is that there are many rowing machines in the market that can be purchased at less than premium prices. The discount machines are also available off the shelf in the outlets selling the new rowing machines, beside that if you go through the classified columns of the dailies you may find something about the availability of the discount machine in the vicinity.