Washing line and Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack


Washing line and Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack

With the modern clothes drying gadgets and appliances available today it looks as if a wall mounted clothes drying rack is as obsolete as public payphones. Yet I’ve seen around my neighborhood this week no less than 5 different indoor and outdoor drying racks for laundry that were mounted on the wall. I’ve asked my neighbors why they don’t use their clothes dryers, and some told me that it costs too much electricity and a few even told me that air drying is better for the environment – and for the clothes too!

I’ve started investigating the different types of dryers, and it seems my neighbors were right. First of all buying a wall mount clothes drying rack is indeed much cheaper compared to getting a clothes dryer, not only in the price of the actual appliance but in the electricity that it consumes as well, not to mention the cost of maintenance. I also like retractable washing line for drying clothes. There are many benefits of drying clothes outside instead of dryer. One of the most important benefit is your clothes life becomes longer and you don’t have to waste money in buying an expensive dryer and paying bills for using it. You can find many good washing line in UK at a reasonable price.

In addition, there is something to the fresh smell of clothes that were dried in the air, whether indoor or outdoors. It just smells differently indeed. And let’s face it, with the many tiny apartments of today that are built for ants instead of people, space is at a cost and in most cases there is simply no place anywhere to add a separate clothes dryer. A wall mounted retractable dryer rack is a life saver in this case!

Elegant Wood Wall Mounted Cloths Drying Rack
Here is a great example of a low cost, energy saving and elegant clothes dryer. It is made of wood, so it is for indoor use. Due to the its elegant design it can be used pretty much everywhere. Made of unfinished white pine, it can easily match the decor and ambient of the place you decide to mount it at. When it is closed, the dimensions are:12.25″h x 27″w x 6″d. However opened it offers no less than 18 feet of pure drying space. The drying rack is sturdy and it will last for quite some time. Perfect not only for drying, but also for storing and displaying things around the house.

Brabantia Wallfix Wall Mounted Rotary Dryer
If you’re looking for outdoor wall mounted clothes dryers, here is another great example of it. You can use it indoors or outdoors as well due to its solid and waterproof construction. As you can see from the picture, it is retractable to various levels so it will fit even the smallest of places and still be extremely useful. It comes with all the installation hardware that makes it mounting it on any inside or outside wall a breeze. Very easy to use even with one hand. Also it just looks great, doesn’t it?

The dimensions are 42.1 x 6.3 x 5.9 inches. Some people even call it a ‘solar powered clothes dryer’, which fits the name to perfection. Awesome eco-friendly system. Highly recommended!

Wall-Mount Telescoping Indoor Clothes Drying Rack
Here is another great example of a wall mount drying rack for your clothes. This is made of plastic coated steel bars that make this rack extremely durable. The plastic coating keep it also from snagging at clothes. You can use it pretty much everywhere where you need to dry things, such as in the kitchen, the laundry room, bathroom or the mud room, or even outside on the inner balcony if you have one.

It is 31.5″ wide with 8 adjustable steel lines and it’s easily retractable when not in use, so it saves space as well. Some reviewers mentioned that you might need a better set of anchors for mounting, but once installed, it is pretty stable and is able to hold heavy clothes as well.

Stackable washer dryer

But if you don’t want to buy a washing line or dryer rack, then go for stackable washer dryer. They are made of two separate appliances, one on top of the other to save space. This machine features many washing and drying settings and can accommodate the same amount of clothes as the regular machines. If one of the parts or appliance needs to be replaced, you don’t have to replace the other one.The washer is usually at the bottom and may be top- or front-loading. The dryer is not nearly as high as a stackable unit, making it easy to reach.

These dryers are very convenient when space is an issue,the dryer is of superior quality. Whirlpool duet  is very popular and among the the best washer dryer in the market, It features a front loading washer and separate duet dryer which goes on top, the height becomes over six feet tall . It is always good idea to have a moisture sensor in the dryer as it detects the moisture content in the clothes and automatically switches of, this  will help reduce the wear and tear of your clothes.

There are also combos which are good for families with limited space for their washing and drying. It is  also recommended to measure the exact space available before buying a washer dryer unit , including clearance for electric cords and the dryer’s exhaust duct, doorways, and potential obstructions leading to the location. The washer essentially has to be a front loader so that the dryer can be stacked on top.